Hey Arvin, A little tribute to the Champ!

And... also... a song for a giggle... (smile).
Take care, with lots of love, peace & happiness for you and your family.

Rufus is a titman
Loudon Wainwright III.

Rufus is a tit man
sucking on his mamma's gland
sucking on the nipple
its sweeter than the ripple wine
yes its sweeter than the wine
you can tell by the way the boy burps
that its gatta taste fine
Marco Polo craved the spices, silk
and Rufus craves the mama's milk
no moo cow, no billy goat
is gonna get the babys vote

come on mamma
come on and open up your shirt
yeah you got the goods mamma
give the little boy a squirt

from my lungs and from my liver
i do definitely fear
i like to suck on cigarettes
and drink the wine and beer
the doctor says Im oral
and i believe its true
ah son you look so satisfied and I envy you

So put Rufus on the left one
and put me right on the right
and like Romulus and Remus
We'll suck all night

come on mamma
come on and lactate a while
yeah look down on us mamma
and flash us a madonna smile

May All Beings Be Happy

~the Buddha~


In La'kesh (Mayan):

Greeting the you,
who is another me